Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wild Water Rafting

It excites me when my friends decided to try wild water rafting, actually i dunno what kind of activity is that. 

We woke up early because it was a day activity, at exactly 8am we are already in crocodile farm and having a briefing and they show us a short film show of what will be the possible things that will happen to us.

  I am a bit scared of what I've watched but i doesn't change my mind to try this adventure :D

We need to travel 1 hour ride going to davao lake.

We are provided with the gear (helmet and lifesaver jacket). The name of our coach is Jay-R, he's nice and very informative on what we have to do in case we get drop on the lake. 

Below is the pictures that was taken during the wild water rafting.

I really enjoyed this adventure :)