Friday, November 2, 2012

Pan De Amerikana

In search of a budget friendly restaurant, it lead us to a magical place of Pan de Amerikana, the place was really an eye catching, A Swiss chalet with Land Rover and Bicycle.
Upon entering the place, the ambiance was really remarkable its not air-conditioned but it was well ventilated by a huge fan, the Facade was also amazing Chairs, Tables, Piano and even Lamp are hanging on the ceiling... Live plants were all over giving the customer a very warm impression of the place. All tables are chess tables to, as soon as you finished your food customers had a chance to play chess.. a huge chess where you can stand and replace the queen :))

Most on their menus are Filipino Dishes

* Ilokano Sarabasab (Php 60.00)
- fried pork slice in a tiny pieces mixed with vinegar sauce with a bits of onions, it reminds me of "Kilawin"

* Lumpiang Shanghai (Php 45.00)
- 4 pieces of pork spring rolls, unfortunately I haven't got the chance to taste it because of the size of the servings.

* Chicken & Pork Adobo (Php 75.00)
- Ordinary adobo taste, cooked in Soy Sauce and Vinegar but the difference is they used sweet potatoes instead of potatoes as an add-on.

* Bake Macaroni (Php 70.00)
- I would say this would be the best among the others, it was not on the sweet but not on the Italian side, the taste was perfectly balanced that fit the Filipino taste..

* Tuna Sandwich (Php 30.00)
- nothing special on it EXCEPT the Bread, the bread was fresh baked considering it was a wheat bread still it is so smooth to eat, that made me decided to purchase 10 more pieces of Bread XD

It was really affordable, it will not just satisfy your appetite but it will also feed your eyes..... Memorable Place :D

Price: 8/10 It can compete to the price of Hole in the Wall restaurants, be considerate on the experience that will be gathered in dinning in.

Place: 9.9/10 I gave to much love on the place ^_^
Worth: 9/10


131 Katipunan Ave.
White Plains, Quezon City
(02) 215-6571


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